Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving Day!

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spice it up!

Have you seen all the cool new spring colors out in the stores? Spice colors are a must this season...paprika, saffron, nutmeg..yum! Funny how when we talk about clothes, we talk in terms of food colors...chocolate, kiwi, plum...gotta love it!

Here are some accessories to complement those new colors for spring, or just jazz up a white t-shirt or button down with some delicious color! Hooray, it is March and spring can't be far behind!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage earring extravaganza

I used to buy vintage lots and ended up with many clip earrings I didn't know what to do with. Lately I am brimming with fun ideas for how to use all those clips I thankfully held onto..... now I even go looking for these beautiful vintage earrings to create some wonderful vintage re-creations.

Here are some earrings I recently bought up at a flea market.................

Here are some treasures from e-bay.....................

I turned these into posts after seeing my daughter paid an outrageous price for a pair at Anthropologie that look familiar (and aren't even the real vintage!)...........

I put this fun colored clip earring onto a sterling back to make a pendant....................

A few discarded clip earrings can combine to make a one of a kind bracelet..............

And a few can make a statement necklace "pop"!

Just loving all the possibilities!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Can it be?

Does anyone know that there was more snow in the Northeast this week? haha, seriously it has been record breaking (20+ inches on top of what we already just had) and I think after three days I am venturing out with Mark today to see the orthodontist and I am happy for an excuse to get in a car. School have been closed since Tuesday and combined with President's weekend, that makes for a nice six day weekend for kids around here. If only we could plan these things....I would be in Florida!

Here are some of the latest pictures to bore you with (sorry, some out of town family asked to see them) and then it is on to bright Spring jewelry for the next group of pictures! I promise!

Stay warm and dry wherever you are! and P. S. there is snow in the forecast for Monday night.....yikes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow day 2010

PA got socked with a big Nor'easter and we ended up with 21 plus inches of snow. I find it exciting, if the truth be told. I like an excuse to be stuck at home and it was convenient that this storm was on a Saturday, so I had great shovelers in the house...although it is fun to get out a little bit and help, too. Here are a few shots of the snow and how one can while away the hours while being snowbound!

"Official measurement"

view from the street

finally got the mailbox out of a drift

won't be dining outside on this table any time soon!

Thank goodness for snowblowers and husbands!

Time to bake for all those hungry and cold workers...Tollhouse Pie, always easy and gets rave reviews!

Blueberry cake, too!

Time to get out some good books....I am reading this because my mom is having lunch with Elizabeth Berg this week...!

We watched a few good movies too...this is a nice story!

And got to sending out some Valentine's!
So snow days can be lots of fun as you can see......we are supposed to get a moderate (whatever that means) amount of snowfall again on Tuesday. Maybe by then it will grow old, but for now we plan to enjoy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

Decided to get crafty this weekend and make some little Valentine gifts! I cut and decorated card stock into hearts and attached some of my earrings! It was lots of fun and I even packaged them up (see below) so they are ready to mail and surprise some special people. I put some greetings specific to the person who I was sending them to and made a more lasting Valentine than candy or flowers. I think these are perfect for some college mailboxes...don't you ;)?

A few are over in my Est shop, too, in case some Gales Designs customers want to send their own greetings to someone special.

Happy February!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Color of the year....

I have been reading a lot about turquoise being the color of the year, so I have stocking up and creating some fun new things with all sizes and shades of this beautiful stone...but truth be told, I have been making jewelry for seven years and turquoise has always been popular and in demand! I think it is a great color that looks good on all skin types, looks great in many color combos and so it is a worthwhile addition to any jewelry collection. I find I like to wear it myself and what a fun color to work with!

So for now it's back to the bead board and hopefully I get some time to list turquoise in my Etsy shop. Check it out!