Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow day 2010

PA got socked with a big Nor'easter and we ended up with 21 plus inches of snow. I find it exciting, if the truth be told. I like an excuse to be stuck at home and it was convenient that this storm was on a Saturday, so I had great shovelers in the house...although it is fun to get out a little bit and help, too. Here are a few shots of the snow and how one can while away the hours while being snowbound!

"Official measurement"

view from the street

finally got the mailbox out of a drift

won't be dining outside on this table any time soon!

Thank goodness for snowblowers and husbands!

Time to bake for all those hungry and cold workers...Tollhouse Pie, always easy and gets rave reviews!

Blueberry cake, too!

Time to get out some good books....I am reading this because my mom is having lunch with Elizabeth Berg this week...!

We watched a few good movies too...this is a nice story!

And got to sending out some Valentine's!
So snow days can be lots of fun as you can see......we are supposed to get a moderate (whatever that means) amount of snowfall again on Tuesday. Maybe by then it will grow old, but for now we plan to enjoy!


  1. OMG that snow is crazy! Hope one of those Valentines is for me :)

    Dad seems to be appreciating the snowblower, too!

  2. can't believe Dad actually used a snowblower...

  3. Hello
    Wow that is a lot of snow!
    We are expecting 12" tonight ans tomorrow

  4. Yes I would secretly love to have an excuse like this to stay at home and cook/craft all day.

  5. That is a crazy amount of snow!!! All your baking looks pretty darn good though:-)