Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

I have been a very bad blogger, but sales were crazy and I honestly had to give up something to keep it all together! I also had some camera woes, but new camera, new year, new ideas, woohoo! Enough said!

Another lovely thing that goes by the wayside during the holiday rush is my reading time, so I am double teaming since the New Year started. let me know if you have any good reads to recommend!

I am thoroughly enjoying and almost finished The people of the Book by Geraldine Brooks, a great writer! Pick it up if you can!

Also decided to look through some arts and crafts books and some home improvement guides......

As always, work is my passion, so I turn to some good inspirational books to get new ideas and twists on my jewelry making........

And of course you have to throw in a bestseller for some great reading as well!

Great hobby for these cold, cold days of January! Hope the new year brings treats to all of you and thanks for all the support and good wishes in a (thankfully) busy holiday season!


  1. You are gonna love the jewelry book by Amy is gorgeous! Happy New year to you too!

  2. The jewelry books look good, but "People of the Book" is probably my favorite :)

  3. I was really entertained by the Da Vinci Code. I'll have to pick tha one up!