Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mom and Dad

Spent the precious gift of time with Mom and Dad last weekend while the others did the football thing.......

My mom got her jewelry box out for my sister and I to poke was so much fun!

Mom found this charm that my uncle and aunt gave her when she graduated from college over 50 years ago.....I added a necklace so she can show it off after all these years! There is beautiful detail on the charm (on both sides) many other beautiful things are hidden away in boxes when they could be a stunning piece of statement jewelry?

Here is a pin my Dad gave my mom in high school.....she needs to be sporting this more often!

Here is part of my mom's vintage napkin ring and silver collection she keeps on her mantle all year's so beautiful!

Then my sister and I stumbled upon this old compact that my mom shyly admitted she won when she was a track queen (?) in high school. My sister admits that had she seen this before it would long ago have made it over to her own jewelry box (don't tell her but it made it's way to mine).

And here is the beautiful couple all ready to head out to Dad's 55th high school reunion. I am sure they were the cutest people there!

Thanks for a great weekend, Mom and Dad, and a great life, too!


  1. I love this! And the tall clock is my favorite thing in their whole house. It always reminds me of sleeping over when we were little!

    Love that compact. Can't wait to come home and check out all of these beautiful pieces!

  2. Great story, Beth! Wish I could have been with you rather than in the snowy mix at PSU! I love what you did with mom's charm. I am going to go through my stuff to see what's there, but nothing that is that interesting I am sure.

  3. That was a great day - most relaxed I have been in a long time. Thank you! I still am coveting the compact! LOL/XOX

  4. Awwwww, your parents are adorable! I LURVE going through my Mom's jewelry!

  5. What a magnificent story. How lucky you are to have such a loving family.

  6. Oh wow, your mom has beautiful pieces! It's great you got to spend time with your parents, it's time like these that truly matter.

  7. Hi Beth! I tried leaving a comment on your current post but the comment page didn't want to open...good luck during Christmas, I'm sure you'll sell a lot with the gorgeous pieces you have!!!

    :) T