Thursday, September 3, 2009

Something old, something new!

I wanted to find some vintage lovelies to put in my latest creations and so a trip to the farmer's market/flea market was in order. Lots to look at! But treasures get harder and harder to find! I am keeping my eye out for a vintage dress form (no luck, *sigh*) and vintage medals and other interesting pieces to use for pendants. I did stumble on some goodies, so it was well worth the trip. Here's a little peek!

Earlier this summer when we were driving to North Carolina and realized that Chincoteague is a real town, my hubby and I both became nostalgic for these books we read as kids. Charlie recalled the author and illustrator...I could just recall the name. Neither of us were lucky enough to have the whole set back in the day.....but here they were on my first stop! I was tempted to buy them for fun, but passed on it to keep focused on what I was really LOOKING for.

Look at these neat finds.....real beauties...very old and the writing is cool!

Is anyone else in love with vintage pins? There are plenty at one particular stand. I love to look at all the styles and colors.......

Last but not least, I did pick up some fruit for the family, peaches at $1 a basket (about all the cash I had left)! They were delish, too! Perfect for a peach crisp I made later in the day.......

And now to switch gears from my fascination with old things to my favorite new thing to talk about....for all you locals, tonight is the grand opening of a new store in Reading called Hello Bluebird. There is great merchandise (including some vintage remakes from moi!) and check out how Alex transformed the place into a visual delight! Hats off to her for realizing a dream and best wished to her for more success in the future. For more check out Daisy Janie's review.
Happy Thursday everyone..and should anyone stumble on an old dress form.......keep me posted.


  1. It looks like there was a lot to see at the flea market. I can't wait to see what you create with your treasures!! Also, would have loved to have been there for the peach crisp!

  2. Can't believe I'm missing the peach crisp! And Hello Bluebird sounds like a must-go next time we're both in Reading! :)

    I love all of my vintage pins!

  3. I love these markets! I have to pace myself for fear of spending too much money.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I too have been trying to find a dress form. Unfortunately all the ones I have seen recently are WAY out of my budget or not for sale! Can't wait to see what lovelies are will be creating!