Monday, August 17, 2009

Here comes the Bride

Saturday was spent at a bridal shower that was so lovely and unique. I have blogged before about weddings but this one is especially fun to be a part of. The bride and groom are getting married in Manhattan (read more about it here) and that alone will prove to be an exciting weekend. Nice for us, too, since daughter Kate (and guest blogger, shown left with Joey and Pam) lives there and we will get to see (aka help move) her into a new apartment.

Bridey's shower had the feel of the big city in good old PA because of the atmosphere at Winedown, a cafe and wine bar in West Reading. Yummy food, festive decorations and good company added to the fun flair for the event. Hats off to the maid of honor and her mom for all their great ideas!

We designed jewelry for the attendants a few weeks ago and went over the details this weekend as well. I wish I could post the pictures here, but don't want to ruin any surprises. Everything has a retro/vintage flair, so you can't go wrong with that! And to top it off the bride showed me some very chic accessories she will be donning on the big day and she got them at none other than ETSY! Love to hear that these young fashionistas are out there supporting all of us who make custom handmade or vintage treasures.

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  1. Love this post :) Great pictures and glad to have the "helping move" in writing! haha