Monday, August 31, 2009

Good bye summer!

School starts this morning and I can get back to work. It has been a great summer, filled with family and friends and lots of memories to keep us warm all winter long. Now it's time to get things cleaned up a bit and organized. I was checking out some blogs on this very topic and loved the craft room that Emily at Perfectly Put Together organized here. Is there hope for me? Hopefully I will have new studio pictures to post soon, but right now it still looks like a bit of crafting chaos.

Went to deliver some jewelry to a customer who showed me something she did with her vintage treasures from her aunt and mother. Love the idea. She covered a wreath form with velvet and pinned all her vintage pins to it. Since they are simply pinned on, if she ever changes her mind and wants to wear a pin or do something else with it, they are still in their beautiful, original form.

Best wishes to everyone for a good school year!


  1. Good luck getting your space organized...constant battle for me.