Friday, August 28, 2009

Booking it

Charlie's recent trip to his alma mater took him to the bookstore (where daughter Kristin dropped lots of cash on her textbooks). He poked around in the sports section with all the books on ND lore. This is of special interest because daughter Kate is a publicist for a publisher in NYC and as luck would have it, she is getting to do the PR on a new ND book that comes out next week. The book is called Resurrection and Charlie gave it two thumbs up since he was able to devour an advanced copy.

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and I have been reading up a storm this summer and had some great finds. I thoroughly enjoyed The Help; it really made me look into how we treat others around us who we view as different, no matter what that difference might be. I found Anita Shreve's book, Testimony, to be a page turner, albeit very disturbing, especially to this mother who just sent a child off to school.

An interesting book our book club did last month was A Year of Wonders, by Geraldine Brooks, and although it was a tough subject (the plague) it gave insight and discussion into the upcoming season with the Swine Flu. Now I am about to start the new Wally Lamb book, The Hour I First Believed, for book club once again. We are reading it in anticipation of going to hear the author speak in November.

What book have you been enjoying this summer?


  1. I have been surrounded by books recently with the Edinburgh International Book Festival on my door step...sad to say I am NOT reading anything at the moment. I love your suggestions, think I will pick up the Wally Lamb book.

  2. Glad to hear about the upcoming book! My fiance went to ND and I think he would choose to buy all the books on that table if he could!

  3. Love this post! And great photos, as always :)

  4. I too, enjoyed The Help! Reading about what actually took place during my childhood was was funny too! It was the authors first book...i purchased the Wednesday Sisters from Target as i was walking thru the aisles...and that was another book about 5 women who shared a bond during the sixties..i love women friendship books..what binds them..what makes them different...this book too, had interesting events that happened during our childhood...i did read Firefly Lane..a best friend chickie book...
    my sons read this summer too..the 13 year old loved the Outsiders ( and he hates to read)and the 16 year old barely read, Travel with Charley ( which was right up his alley)..thanks for sharing...

  5. That is definitely a perk of working in the industry. I used to work in the same industry for a few years myself. Different house.