Monday, July 6, 2009

A Shore thing

We had a great weekend at the beach! Good weather, good food, good family time. Not sure who came out the winner in all the board/card game competitions, but I think a good time was had by all. I finished reading Love Walked In (Marisa de los Santos) which I really enjoyed and recommend for a nice summer read. But the real fun for me was finding sea glass to add to my collection on my morning walks! And it surely was a great weekend for that! I got some great pieces to add to my growing collection as well as some nice pieces to convert into one of a kind pendants! All this with the help of my nephew with the self-proclaimed "best eye", Boomer (seen searching above and his hands here hold his discoveries).

Sea glass is colored glass made smooth by tumbling in the sand and surf for many years . By a great coincidence, I was reading the novel , Sea Glass, by Anita Shreve and Mark (quite little at the time) was digging in the sand beside me and found my first and favorite piece, a beautiful cobalt blue (probably an old Noxema jar I left on the beach in high school). I have been a lover of these colored pieces ever since! Most of mine come from New Jersey but I found some fabulous pieces in Bermuda. I also have been the lucky recipient of an annual supply from the Schroders who have a secret sea glass hiding spot in Rhode Island (this is on my "bucket list" to visit). So cool! I wonder about each piece and how it came to rest on the shore line. Could it have been on the Titanic?
A real great resource to have if you want to know more about sea glass is the book Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte. Love the book, the pictures, the inspiration! This article gives a nice summary of his work and the collecting of sea glass in general!

I have been creating sea glass pendants with some of my treasures over the past few years (see my Etsy store ). I even did some for a bridal party at a beach wedding! I have done custom pieces with pieces from other collectors and love how each one turns out just a little different. So keep your eye out next time you are at the beach. You might find one of these gems for yourself and you can make up your own story about its journey!


  1. Adorable! So sad to miss 4th of July at the shore. Excellent photography as well :)

  2. Thank you for the book suggestion (you always have great book suggestions) - I am heading to the book store today! KS