Friday, July 17, 2009

Guest Blog: Fashion Friday

One of my very favorite blogs, Elements of Style, is mostly about interior design but does a fun feature called Fashion Friday. The entire blog is always a wonderful read, full of great ideas and absolutely beautiful things. It's also inspired me to guest blog a little Fashion Friday post here.

My closet is full of neutrals--at least 95 percent of my clothing is black, navy, beige, gray, or white. (And most of the rest of it is green, which should not surprise anyone who knows me). This makes putting together outfits before work pretty easy, but it can definitely get boring sometimes. Luckily, Mom is well acquainted with the sort of jewelry I like and always has great advice and ideas on how to make what I wear more interesting.

I have worn this chunky turquoise necklace (above) more than I care to admit this summer. I like turquoise in winter, too, but with a white blouse or black or white T-shirt, this necklace paired with small silver earrings has become a summer staple. Mom does lots of work with turquoise, but this is, to me, just the right size and just the right length for a dress, crew-neck or v-neck top, or collared blouse. It's also just the right shade of turquoise--not too blue, not too green, not too vein-y. I love the idea of pairing it with a breezy white dress--I have coveted the Esmee dress (left) from Anthropologie for something casual and summery. It just needs one pop of color (and a great tan!) and I think the roundish chunks of the necklace would work particularly well with the squarish neckline of the dress.

One of Mom's new projects is making bracelets out of mismatched vintage earrings. (You can read a whole post she wrote about these beautiful creations here!) She gave me this bracelet (pictured above) to match a green cardigan, but I find myself wearing it all the time. It's great with my neutral clothes, and when I wear green, the bracelet has enough different shades that it complements whatever color green I happen to have on. It's a great way to use color without being overly matchy, which isn't my favorite look. When I head to the flea market on Sunday, I'm hoping to find some great old earrings for her! Fingers crossed that I find some blues ones--I'd love one of these bracelets in blues. Or maybe pink? So many choices...

Mom made these earrings for my birthday (shown in green, above--they're also in white!) and they became one of my go-to pieces immediately. Sometimes larger or more dangly earrings get stuck in my long hair, so in the mornings before work I find myself gravitating to the same pearl or silver studs. No more! These are about the diameter of a quarter and are just the right size for "statement studs" that work day or night and can be casual or dressed up. I love how well they pair with a dress or top that has detail around the neckline, making wearing a necklace difficult. I have several ruffly blouses that I often wear to work (with cropped pants now that summer is finally here!) and these earrings definitely complete the ensemble. I love the Rowena dress from Calypso Christiane Celle--it's a light, breezy dress with a beachy-bohemian vibe. The detail around the neckline is beautiful, but you would need great earrings to complete the look. I'd definitely go with the white pearl flowers for the black version of this dress, my personal favorite (it's also in blue, green and pink).

What next? I am really loving Mom's new repurposed vintage layered necklaces... my favorites are this one (I'm so happy there are so many great vintage pieces in gold!) and this one (I love the ribbon!). Can't wait to go home to Lancaster and check them out--they're better than anything I've sene in NYC!

Have a great weekend! I'll be updating later this weekend from NYC before Mom is back from North Carolina. She says hi as well!

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