Thursday, July 23, 2009

Always a favorite

Yesterday I posted what was "hot" right now and will try to make a weekely post called "what's hot" just to keep you up on the current bestsellers. But some designs and beads are always popular and this brings me to turquoise. Kate's post last week featured a turquoise necklace and I must say that for the six (almost) years I have been making jewelry, turquoise has always been popular and makes a great fashion statement. Turquoise looks so great in the summer paired with bright colors like orange, green and more. It also looks great in the fall and winter paired with warmer colors like brown and tan and of course, when you put it with red, it is a classic anytime piece! The necklaces and earrings above (earrings are for sale on Etsy---see link on right) can be worn with a sundress this summer and will look equally great with a white shirt and jeans this winter! Great versatility and a good investment, since it never seems to get outdated!

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