Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Four sisters

Last night I did a jewelry show that was very successful and very fun! I wanted to take the time to show you some of my greatest supporters who happened to be in attendance at last night's event.

I'll back up by saying that Charlie found a great bottle of Shiraz while in a Maryland liquor store last week. I can't say anything about the wine itself but it is called "Four Sisters." He told me to share it with my aunts, four sisters who have played a very important role in my life! I am so lucky to have them so close and they really have done so much for me, they deserve more than a bottle of wine!

The women above have raised nineteen children. They are faith-filled, strong women with the quickest wits and the smartest brains. Two have buried children, one is a breast cancer survivor, one is an ovarian cancer survivor; they have served or are serving as board members at their churches, at local universities and with community organizations. They have had successful careers as a nurse, realtor, volunteer. They attend daily Mass, little league games, recitals and babysit for their grandchildren whenever possible. They take their families on vacations.

They were my first customers when Gales Designs was only a few bracelets laid out on the ping pong table in the basement. They were there in force last night, six years later. So I thank them for teaching me to love God and family with all my being, face adversity with strength and dignity, and most of all to laugh much. I am very lucky to have these four sisters! Their support in my life means the world to me!

I left last night's show filled with gratitude, happiness and even at my age, with the promise that I would call when I got home.

(Photo l-r: Pat Wentling, Peg Giering, Betty Hurleman and Kitty Wright)

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