Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cleaning Day

School is out less than a week and I have assigned the kids the task of cleaning out a few of their drawers. I am the queen of the "junk drawer" and I don't think Charlie gets this at all. Every house must have a drawer (or two or three.....) where random things accumulate and are saved for some later purpose. It always gives me great pleasure to clean out a drawer like that on occasion (albeit rare occasions) and fall upon special mementos (birthday candles that say "13") or not so special mementos (a wine cork). I guess if I put them where they belonged I could find them when I needed them (scissors, stamps, lip gloss), but it would make cleaning out the drawer much less fun. I always think that something may have a later purpose and is worth being saved and now I can see that it might even be profitable.

Kate sent me this link to a successful NYC jewelry designer who creates beautiful pieces from old treasures. What an inspiration! I am heading to the bead board with all the cast off vintage things that I could not bring myself to throw away, but really have no purpose. I think I will make something fun for myself...if not, you will find it in the "junk drawer" for years to come.


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