Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back to the bead board.....

Some customers ask me how I figure out what I am going to make. Here is a picture of a bead board I used. I sorted out various beads from a room full of boxes filled to the brim with beads and put them together and viola! A bracelet is born! The above beads were handmade and I absolutely love working with beads that are so colorful and unique. I also love hammered silver, so putting the two together with beautiful crystals feels like playing instead of working!

Here is the finished project, which sold within days of making it and I actually had two other customers wanting something similar. This bracelet was truly hard to part with! I want one for myself and next time I might just keep it.

REALITY CHECK......This photo is for those who know me best! This is what my bead boards more typically look like! Anyone who has been in my studio knows this is more of a reality (actually this is pretty organized)! It is sometimes the random things that end up leftover on the bead board that combine to make the coolest new designs. There is truly a method to the madness!

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